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I figured I should update this. I know some of you have been lurking on starcity, but i'll post anyways.

Went down to the Lupe River with some people a few weekends ago.

Found quick sand

Took over an hour and 2 winches to get me out.

Draining D44 fluid

Somehow broke the spider gears in the 44

Chipped the ring gear in 2 places.

Cracked the carrier

I think im going to replace the carrier and spider gears with a Detroit or find a used carrier and get a lock-rite. Or find a Dana 60, but that's pretty unlikely at this point.

Found out I had a broken u-joint.

Picked up the CUCV 14 bolt with a DETROIT LOCKER!! That will be nice.

Not sure who makes these, but it came with caliper brackets for the disc conversion.




Back together

Open CUCV 14

Got done with that part, so I moved on to the disc brake swap. Pulled these rocks out of one of the drums.

Brackets need some paint.

*As of last night*

Still need calipers and the rear will be done so I can start on the part I broke. Its going to be like this for a while cause I ran out of play money for this thing.

Might reconsider sandblasting your inner axle components with river water. ;)

Looks good!


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