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Project Matchbox Hotwheels build

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I've found that buying a Matchbox can have it's advantages, you can get right on the trails immediately and have fun plus save money and time from building.  Yes, crawlers can be recycled so save old crawlers from being cut up.

Here's how......

1st go in search of your favorite Matchbox crawler

2nd once you have picked your new toy try and strike a deal then drive countless hours going to pick up.

3rd Find crummy hotel or cabin to stay in...this can also be great bonding time with your son.

4th Go test out your new toy the next day

And now the 'Money Pit' begins....time to start rebuilding and this is where the build begins with my Zuk.

Oh, and Don't forget to let your son and his buddy take it out so you can justify to your wife that's it's money well spent....just FYI

1st step was to improve steering so we could turn better on the trails. Thanks to PSC and Artec Hi-steer arms

Build a lid to protect the bald head

Plus we had to re-do some of the 4 link geometry then time for more testing.

We even added a rear winch to help control the rear suspension plus I'll be installing my new Antirock in the next few days.

Now that I have my official build thread started here's where we are at today.

Fred and I traveled to purchase our new power plant and drive train for more improvements to the Zuk this week

Merging together with this

I felt a little more horse power, just a little, along with an automatic tranny would be a nice compliment to the Zuk.  We'll be swapping out the 8V Propane injuected for a 16V EFI with 3 speed auto, that should be a whopping 25 hp gain for the Zuk.  The whole idea is to keep it light as possible and just enough power that you can't break parts.

Here's the stuff behind the Zuk as the transformation begins.

1988 ish Zuki Samurai
Geo Tracker 1.6 8V with header and custom exhaust/intake that is plumbed under the dash. Soon to be swapped with a 1.6 16V & 3 spd auto.
Propane system with three bottles.
Zuk 5 speed transmission with centerforce clutch.
6.5 to 1 Zuk transfer case.
Front and rear full width dana 44's with 5.38 gears and full spools.
Yukon 4340 shafts ft & rear
BFG Red dot 39" crawlers
Front and rear 4 link with Fox air shocks on all four corners.
Full belly skid plate.
Warn winch that has just been rebuilt.
Full PSC Hydro steering & Artec Hi-steer arms.
12volt guy switch panel and dual winch controller.
Kenwood marine stereo.
2 sets of Polk audio 6.5 componets
100x4 RMS amp.
Custom red face guages.
Rear Badlands 3000# winch
Currie Antirock swaybar

Bo Duke:
You just couldn't leave it alone could you  ;D


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