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1 ton Bronco II

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I guess I better quit bein lazy and start a build thread for this thing. Some of you already know that the ranger is long gone and I picked up an 87 Bronco II. Bought it not running, the guy had just givin up on it, It took me a lil bit and I finally got it to run but it was very unreliable and I gave up on it also. I pulled the 2.9 out and got on the search for a 5.0. Finally found one in a rolled 98 explorer that I picked up on the cheap and drove it on the trailer. Pulled the engine and transmission and wiring harness out of it, threw the bronco motor inside it and scrapped it for what I paid for it. Set all that stuff to the side and I put some bling on the 70!

Removed all the rear crossmembers, fuel tank, and suspension and found the frame was in pretty bad shape.

Sooo I chopped it all off...

Made a new rear stub with creeper joints and inboarded the leafs.

Got it all tacked in place and got the body mounts cut in the correct places.

Pulled all the front suspension off to make room for the high pinion KP60 I got a smokin deal on

Gotta make room for these guys, FOA 16" 2.5 coilovers

The rear is sitting on its own weight and I just jacked the front up to sit level, Should sit a few inches lower when I get all the crossmembers in, box the frame and get a fuel cell in it.

This is where im at right now, Got my master cylinder from an F-350 to pick up tomorrow and get the hard lines ran for the brakes then box the frame in the rear.

Bo Duke:
That will be a fun truck. They're a good size, and completely under estimated for what they could be. You might as well go ahead and get rid of those huge rear windows now before they shatter on the trail.  :sawzall:

I've heard they're expensive to replace so I've been tossing around the idea of getting some soft windows made that just snap on or have a zipper or something

Check out heftyfabworks.com  he makes a bunch of stuff for broncos- armor wise. He is big in the xterra market too and is known for quality stuff.

good progress.  What's the wheelbase?


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