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1 ton Bronco II

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Im not 100% sure on the wheel base yet, I'd like it to be right around 107-110" but I need to set the motor in place and see where everything sits before I can be for sure on the axle location. I did get my line lock solenoids though so the brakes are getting closer to being finished to the point where I can set the motor in.

Well an update every 6 months aint so bad haha. Engine is set in place, Trans. crossmember is made and bolted in place, Most of the frame is boxed. Decided it was going to be rediculously tall with the rear spring over so I changed it to spring under and its sitting alot better now. I've got most of my link brackets tacked in place and links are tacked to make sure everything will work where its at. Still waiting on an upper link bracket for the axle side which should be here tomorrow. Still a hell of alot of work left to do but its slowly getting done.

Gray Goose:
Any more updates?

Somehow I keep taking 2 steps forward and 8 back haha but the frame was too rusty for me I couldn't take it. I pulled the body and fab'd up my own frame. Started from scratch and ended up with this so far.
Full Bump

And this is as high as I feel safe going with it on the sketchy bumper jack haha but its still got like 6 more inches of droop

Got it fired up last night!



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