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New on here. Heres my cherokee im building.


So far its just rough country 4.5 inch lift, steel plate front bumper, trimmed front and back, 32's and lock rite locker in the front. and the lift springs (especially in the rear) and fact that it isnt long arm make it ride like total crap. I really want to get into wheeling but havent had the chance to go anywhere. and im on a college budget. I used to have the explorer that was at 4xfest 2011 and the motor is now going into blueovals rig.

Good times 4wheelers is having an event at Timber Ridge in Iowa in september I think the 21-22. It's a good time and your rig is perfect for up there.

sweet! thanks for the info.. i think i may try to get up there. no pun  ;)

why is your username mightymike lol


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